Fake school complaints compilation

I am a victim of this kind of degree. What i want to tell everyone here is you might be reached through a recruitment agent requiring you to have such a degree and he/ she will persuade you to get an online degree from his recommended universities to secure the job. This is what happened with me. I paid $500 for a masters degree and now they are asking for another $500 to get it authenticated. What is important here is people should know how to report these kinds of encounters to the authorities


the IU in northwest Gary is one lousy terrible place! I tried to enroll but got NO help just snotty ghetto hood rat females that just sat around on their big rears and yacked to each other the whole damn time! Their staff completely sucks! They are stupid lazy and ghetto and did nothing to help me. I had to create an account just to take a fucking test and when the computer didn;t work nobody did a damn thing to help me. The campus police might as well be the Nazi gestapo I really regret that I EVER tried to attend that crappy a** school!


Touro College is forcing me to write good things about Touro College that are not true.

Krystal Patterson

I enrolled in University of Atlanta while they had DETC accreditaion. Meanwhile, they have lost DETC accreditation, and they are no longer recognized by US department of education as well. Nobody from UofA never contacted me to present me the situation that they are no more DETC accredited, I found it by myself, and when I contacted them about this issue, they’ve told me that there was nothing to worry about and that they will get new DETC accreditation again, which never happened. I decided to withdraw because I finished only 3 courses, and I don’t want a diploma that won’t be recognized and valuated. I signed withdraw papers 5 months ago, and I was told that withdraw process takes 45 business days, and that I would be contacted from finance department for the refund. Nobody ever contacted me since I’ve signed withdraw documents, and I have received no refund by now. I try to reach the manager of finance department for 5 months, and each time I call he is out the office, and I’ve been told each time that he would call me back, but it never happened. I tried to write him an emails as well, but no respond. I don’t think that I will ever get this refund. This University is huge SCAM and I would not recommend to anyone to enroll.

Abdul-Malik Safar

Keiser university is a major scam. The tragedy it exists destroying the hopes and dreams of young americans to fendund its insatible and unscrupolous mechanical monstrosity it calls a university system. Consumating a cloak to hide its real intent to defraud each and every student it comes in contact with. I am a Disabled veteran and I encountered them by a annoynomous phone call someone pretending to be a high ranking military official and that I should attend the next school that calls me because he is concerened about me going to school. Guess who called me yes, Keiser. They gave me a spill about how easy I could obtain a bachelor degree from them in only 24 months. Also the fact that they are a military friendly school they charged the govt 3200 per class my GI-Bill is 50% so the govt paid 1600 per class. They also promise you a scholarship because of your military service. Do not beleive them I did the math at 3200 a month thats 38,400 a year. I should try the Ivy league at those prices huh?

Nabilah Fakhoury

Kaplan needs to change there name to rip off artist university!!! I was going to attend kaplan got all the paperwork done fasfa filled out, and I decided against it, i called and sent emails that i did not want to attend kaplan.  So,  i was talking to the advisor she was like you need to try, i was like no i can not afford to go right now I said i want to withdraw everything  we argued for weeks next thing i know they still had me enrolled!!!!  and  once again i called them and told them i didnt want to be apart of the college please remove me. Then i got a bill from them for $6,000.00 they never removed me, the  only way i found out is when a collector called wanting 33,000.00.

Bryan Jacobo

Do not consider spending your educational dollars, or your financial aid benefit dollars, at South University.  Do NOT do it.  South Univ is expensive.  It provides NONE of the benefits that you would receive at another competing college, such as tutors, open lab, multimedia learning DVDs in a library.  The library is sparce.

Safi Shamon


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